Why We Choose Bandung

• Bandung is the city with the best culinary tourism in Indonesia.
• With a population of around 49.02 million (2019), Bandung is the most populous province of Indonesia on the western part of the island of Java
• Bandung is a Popular shopping destination popular not only among local Indonesian but also with neighboring Malaysian and Singaporean visitors
• Bandung is distinguished as an alluring destination offering foreign investments, technologically advanced measures and innovative expansions.

Why you must participate as an exhibitor at Bandung Food & Beverage Expo 2022 ??

• Here you can expand your client as well as your distribution network, meet potential business partners, and make new business contacts from across the world.

• in Bandung Food and Beverage Expo, you can Improve your corporate identity and increase your brand visibility, not only in the Indonesia  marketplace, but, also, internationally.

• Encounter 500 international and Local traders. 200 of them will be part of the show’s Hosted Buyer Program and close important trade deals.